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The Tri-Color
Fume Hood


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The Best Part Of It All

Possibly the most beneficial part of Tri-Color is the new software we created called, The Fume Hood Performance Tracker!  The software is an online data base that keeps all of your clients, all of your fume hoods, and all of your test results IN ONE PLACE! With the QR code HIN Label, any future tester, lab manager, or hood user can easily pull up safety test results.


Our Mission

Fume Hood Certified has a company mission to make laboratories safer one fume hood at a time! We believe that any device that was placed in a laboratory for the safety of everyone in the lab should be taken seriously! We also believe that USER SAFETY MATTERS! 

These principals are why we set out to help educate about fume hood testing and fume hood safety! And why creating an easier and more certain way for hoods to be tested was a MUST! Thank you for visiting with us today! Learn more about us at


Chip Albright

Fume Hood Certified President
Inventor of Tri-Color Software & Systems
Author of Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained

Fume Hood Expert, Chip Albright, explains the Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer

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