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Fume Hood Testers

           While there are no regulations requiring fume hood inspections and testing, there is a growing awareness that it is necessary to maintain performance, both from the safety stand point and an energy usage point of view. Without regulations, there are no standard testing programs. We have reviewed many audits, inspections and testing concepts, from that we have developed a standardized testing program. We have also developed a Fume Hood Tester training program, as well as much of the equipment and supplies needed.

           Whether you are an in-house tester or do third-party testing, we have a large array of products and services to simplify your job. We are continually developing new products and services. If you have a need - let’s talk about it. Good things start with a conversation. We offer a free 20-minute consultation.


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Fume Hood Logbook

        All fume hoods should have a logbook, just like an aircraft. A fume hood log should contain basic information about the hood, maintenance records, along with inspection and test results.These logs can be just paper-based or online. We have formats for both. Contact us for details.


Testing Software

        Generating testing reports can be a laborious task. We work with a number of software solutions; if you need testing software, let’s talk.


Labeling Program

        Many institutions have requirements to have their fume hoods regularly inspected and/or tested. We have a program where if you have been trained and certified by Fume Hood Certified, we provide Fume Hood Certified labels that can be used on the fume hoods to provide a number of critical pieces of information. This is a great tool for in-house testers.


Tester's Network

        Currently, a program is under development to promote fume hood testers. It is a dedicated website where we will address common questions about testing and list all the testers who have been trained and certified by us.


Fume Hood Inspections

       While a full ASHRAE 110 might not be necessary or justified, all hoods should, at a minimum, undergo a regular inspection by a qualified inspector/tester. We offer a complete inspection program including training for the inspector.

Q200 Image.jpeg


SF6 Leak Detector. This is the gold standard for Fume Hood Testing and

we are the exclusive

North American distributors.


We also provide training on the Q200.

More Services



Often a hood fails when tested. If you need help in determining why, we can help you troubleshoot the problem, both remotely and in-person.

Assistance With Testing


Have a large project and need help? We can assist you in managing the project.

Q200 Factory Calibration


From time-to-time we bring the factory to you. The Q200 factory is located in Shanghai and shipping Q200s back and forth is difficult and expensive. We keep a list of people who want to have their Q200s serviced or factory calibrated. When we have enough demand, we bring a qualified technician from the factory to provide this service. If you are interested, contact us to get on the list.

More Products

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Complete ASHRAE 110 Testing Setup

It takes a lot of gear to test fume hoods accurately and efficiently. Having been testing fume hoods since the mid-1990s, we have extensive experience and techniques to make the job easier. We can work with you to obtain a complete testing setup or add to what you already have.


Smoke Machines

Smoke is the best tool we have for airflow visualization. We offer several options depending on your needs.


Safety Manuals

Checklists and Simple User Manuals are key to safe operation. We have several options that can be customized to your needs.


Equipment Elevators / Lab Jack Stands

These devices are used to elevate equipment off the work surface and prevent the blocking of the airflow moving towards the rear baffle slot. We offer a wide variety of sizes. Contact us with your needs.


Sash Placards

These information placards attach to the sash and can be written on with whiteboard markers. These can contain information such as who is using the fume hood, their cell phone number and what they are doing in the hood. Basic, but critical information that can be helpful in case of an emergency.


Close the Sash Program

We have everything you need to create your own customized “Close the Sash” program. Challenge your hood users to see who can be the most energy conscious!


Velocity Meter

We offer a wide range of Velocity meters depending on your needs - from simple and inexpensive, to high accuracy omnidirectional choices. Contact us with your requirements.


Digital Manometer

The manometer is used to measure differential and static pressure. We offer several choices depending on your application and need.


Airflow Visualization Kits

Visualization is critical in understanding airflow and containment. We have designed a number of Visualization Kits. When attached to a smoke machine, they make it possible to almost see the air. Depending on your use, we can recommend the one that is best for you.


Explosion Simulator

We have designed a totally safe explosion simulator that uses compressed air. This is a dramatic way to show users why it is important to keep the sash lowered as much as is practical.


Safety Contracts

If you need safety contracts for your students, we offer a complete package with everything you need to customize the exact contract for your situation.


Sash Glass Cleaner

Clean your sash the safe way without sticking your head inside the hood.


6” Back - Safety Strip

We all know the work zone starts 6” behind the sash, we offer adhesive safety strips that are a dramatic visual reminder. Comes in various lengths for different size hoods.


Fume Hood Labels for Use by Testers Trained By FHC

We have a program for testers that allow Fume Hood Certified Test Labels to be applied to hoods.


Safety Posters

 We have a number of infographics and we can make custom ones for your unique needs.

More Tester Training

ASHRAE 110-2016 is the latest version of the Fume Hood Testing Protocol. We have several training projects that focus on ASHRAE 110 testing. ASHRAE 110 has a number of components.

If you are doing any or all of the ASHRAE 110 tests, we have training to help you do it better and faster. We also provide background that helps you understand what you are testing and why it is important.

There are several other testing Protocols we support. EN 14175, the European Standard,MD15128 the Canadian standard, EPA Laboratory Fume Hood Standard, NIH Fume Hood Testing Protocol.

UL1805 is the Underwriters Laboratory’s fume hood standard. Most fume hoods sold in the US carry this label. We have extensive experience working with this standard and can offer insight and advice on working with this standard.

OSHA 29CFR – 1910-1450 is the OSHA standard for laboratories. While it is about 30 years old, few really understand what it requires. We go through all the elements and explain them in a way you can understand.

ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 is the go-to standard for all things Laboratory Ventilation. Referenced by other standards and regulations, we have immense experience working with Z9.5 One of our team is a long time member of the Z9.5 committee and has extensive insights into the standard, including the new revisions coming out soon.

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