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Fume Hood Users

How do you know your fume hood is working? 


Most of us assume that if there is a fume hood present and the alarm isn’t going off the hood is working and safe to operate. 


But the odds don’t support that assumption. 


At least 50% of the installed hoods are not performing safely and the reasons are varied.  The problem is that there is no easy way for you to know if your hood is working. 


This is where a little knowledge comes in handy.  The more you know about fume hoods and how they function, the safer you will be. 


There are too many lab accidents every year.  Between 2001 and 2018 there were 262 reportable accidents with 490 serious injuries and 10 deaths.  No one plans to be involved in an accident, but nonetheless it happens. 


A little education and training can greatly minimize your chances of becoming a statistic.


Let us certify you as a trained fume hood user


This certification can be added to resume and will make you more valuable in the future.

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