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From training courses & free webinars to fume hood audits & consultations, we are here to help industry professionals. 

Managing a lab is more than a full-time job. But time has to be made for necessary things, like training. Accidents are all too common, many can be prevented with a little more awareness of the hazards that exist in a lab. We are not here to make more work for you, but to actually make your job easier, maybe even make you a hero if an accident can be avoided.

Fume hoods are unique in that they are both a PPE and an Engineering Control. As such, exactly who is responsible for their performance is questionable, yet we know it takes a lot of different people to ensure safe and energy efficient performance. 25% of performance failures are caused by the user’s work practices.
When hoods don’t work there are other issues, the indoor air becomes polluted, there can be contamination to the work in-process and the chances of an incident increase dramatically. We find that most people working with or around fume hoods have had no formal training. Let us help you have a safe workplace.

Fume Hood Consultations

Do you have a fume hood issue? Are you sure your hood is safe and working properly? Do you smell chemicals or see corrosion?

We can come to your lab and troubleshoot the problem. Let's start with a phone call!

Check out our new book!

The one resource you cannot go without!

Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained

The first book of its kind! A step by step approach to explaining the interface between the fume hood, the laboratory ventilation system, and the building HVAC. Chip Albright's holistic approach to the subject is refreshing and effective. If you own or work in a laboratory, this book is required reading.

The author Chip Albright, is the founder of Fume Hood Certified with over 40 years of experience in the laboratory furniture and fume hood industry. His extensive involvement in observing, designing and testing laboratory ventilation systems around the world has given him a unique knowledge of how these systems work to create safe laboratory environments. Chip has been a major player in creating standards through his work with SEFA and is a sought after speaker on the subject of fume hood safety.

Online Courses

"Safe Fume Hood Work Practices" 

- What you can't see can hurt you. Learn what makes fume hood dangerous.

- Keep yourself, your staff, and your lab safe.

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Education and Training

on all things Fume Hoods!

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