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What We Do

We educate and train fume hood stakeholders


The only way fume hoods will operate at the intended level of performance and provide the safety that the users expect and deserve, is if all the parties understand enough to ensure that the proper things are being done.

Unless we treat the entire laboratory ventilation system in a holistic way, we cannot achieve performance that is both safe and energy efficient. The hybrid nature of the fume hood, both as a PPE and an engineering control, blur the lines of functional responsibility.  The complexity of the mechanical systems makes managing room conditions challenging.  Yet, the best fume hood in the world will not function until it is connected to a properly designed, installed and maintained laboratory ventilation system, which includes both supply and exhaust air and has the controls to keep everything in balance.

The introduction of the concepts of ECD, Exposure Control Devices, which a fume hood is and the Classification of Laboratory Design Levels which consider the risks of exposure in setting performance levels have made a holistic approach even more important.

People working in the lab deserve a safe work environment and safe indoor air quality.  Unless we all work together the odds of achieving that are not great.

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