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The Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer is the simple, modern, and better way to test your fume hoods.

Traditional hood testing can be complicated and expensive... Tri-Color can give you results more efficiently!

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5 Reasons To Test With Tri-Color

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Airflow is invisible. Tri-Color uses haze and lasers to MAKE AIR VISIBLE. Observing airflow inside and around your fume hood gives you invaluable knowledge and insight as to how it performs. All while educating you about air behavior.

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1.   It Is Educational

Tri-Color Focuses on the real world conditions present in the lab. The Tri-Color Challenges were designed for visualizing airflow and challenging hood containment in a realistic way!

2.   Tri-Color Challenges

3. Better Reports & HIN Data Base

A major problem with traditional fume hood testing is that they can only collect numerical data points to put onto a report that few people can read or understand, Tri-Color test results live on our online data base and can be accessed by scanning the Hood Identification Number (HIN) on the hood.

4.   Upgrade Face Velocity Testing

Many assume that if a hood has a certain face velocity that means the hood is containing. This is a debunked MYTH! Some testers will certify a fume hood as safe based solely on a face velocity profile. With Tri-Color results are more clear and conclusive and in our opinion safer!

5.   Less Expensive

Traditional Fume Hood Testing equipment can cost up to $50,000!! A full Tri-Color Test Kit only cost $6,999! And since Tri-Color doesn't require SF6, the testing process is now cheaper and faster than ever! Not just for the fume hood tester but for their customer too!

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Click below for a deep dive into these 5 Tri-Color benefits (7 Minutes)

How Does Tri- Color Work?

Are you curious yet!? Watch the entire Tri-Color process in this short video.
(2 minutes)

Fume Hood Expert, Chip Albright, explains the Tri-Color Fume Hood Visualizer

Are you ready to purchase? Buy it now!


Possibly the most beneficial part of Tri-Color is the new software we created called, The Fume Hood Performance Tracker!  The software is an online data base that keeps all of your clients, all of your fume hoods, and all of your test results IN ONE PLACE!

With the QR code HIN Label, any future tester, lab manager, or hood user can easily pull up safety test results.

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Watch our full software walkthrough video here. (3 minutes)

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Our Mission

Fume Hood Certified has a company mission to make laboratories safer one fume hood at a time! We believe that any device that was placed in a laboratory for the safety of everyone in the lab should be taken seriously! We also believe that USER SAFETY MATTERS! 

These principals are why we set out to help educate about fume hood testing and fume hood safety! And why creating an easier and more certain way for hoods to be tested was a MUST! Thank you for visiting with us today! Learn more about us at


Chip Albright

Fume Hood Certified President
Inventor of Tri-Color Software & Systems
Author of Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained

The Tri-Color Program

Tri-Color is actually a COMPLETE package, of equipment, training, and support! You have

a chance to become one of the first Tri-Color Testers and get ahead of the curve.


With the Tri-Color Challenges, we have enhanced the ASHRAE 110 containment testing with realistic lab conditions. This addition of the dynamic challenges dramatically improves the usefulness of an ASHRAE 110 report.

See What's Inside The Tri-Color Test Kit

In this 6 minute video we break down and show you every single piece of equipment that comes in your Tri-Color Testing Kit. Each piece plays a role and together you have a completely new way to test your fume hoods!

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Fume Hood Testers Network

Tri-Color Testers are automatically listed in our Fume Hood Testing Network. Fume Hood Certified gets dozens of inquiries for testing hoods so we created a referral recourse that lists and locates all of our partnered fume hood testing companies! Sign your business up now and grow with us!


PO Box 71477
Phoenix, AZ 85050

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This is the cutting edge of fume hood testing!

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Ready to discuss Tri-Color with the experts?

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