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What is the Tri-Color Intro Program?  


The Tri-Color Intro Program is a comprehensive package of products and services to help you take your fume hood testing program to the next level.


We want all Certified Testers to be a notch above; to be well educated in all aspects of fume hood performance, to become a fume hood testing professional and maintain highly ethical services to their customers. This is why our Tri-Color Beta Program begins with the proper training and certification.


The Intro Tri-Color Program includes:

Tri-Color Test Kit
You will receive a complete test kit with 100% of what you need to conduct Tri-Color testing.  Smartly packaged in a shippable hard case.  (Click here to see what is in the kit).

Training to become a Certified Tri-Color Tester  

You will receive access to our online Tri-Color training and certification program. Upon the successful execution of the course, you will receive your certificate of completion. During the first six months, you will be able to certify as many people in your organization as you wish at no additional charge (Beta program only). 

Training to become a Certified ASHRAE 110 Tester
Since the Tri-Color test can be substituted for SF6 in the ASHRAE 110 Modified test, you will get unlimited access to our online ASHRAE 110 training and certification program  (Beta program only). Upon successful execution, you will receive a certificate of completion

Training - Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained
Tri-Color is a unique and highly educational tool. We will provide you with a Basic Fume Hood Safety Program and Certify you as a Trainer for Fume Hood Safety.


Listing in the Tri-Color Tester’s Network Published Online                                 Our domain,, will be built as a website promoting Tri-Color testing and promoting you as a Certified Tri-Color Tester. 


Become a Member of a "Slack Cohort" of Other Tri-Color Testers
We will activate a Slack Channel for Tri-Color testers.  This will be a community of Tri-Color testers and will be a source of valuable information and networking opportunities.

Monthly Live Zoom Q&A /Training/Tips & Tricks (Townhall format)
Once a month, FHC will host a one hour live Zoom call open to Certified Testers to share information and learn about the successes in promoting Tri-Color hood testing.


Access to Fume Hood Performance Tracker Software
We are developing a robust online software platform that makes compliance simple. It is a great record keeper and report generator.  Every hood you test will be given a HIN (Hood Identification Number) and there will be an online digital certificate available. Authorized users will be able to see the test results online. Stay tuned for a demo soon.

Marketing Assistance to Promote Fume Hood Testing and Training
At Fume Hood Certified, our mission is to make labs safer one fume hood at a time. This is best accomplished by making testing and training available to more fume hood users. We will develop various marketing campaigns that you can access to promote testing and training (Beta program only).

Discounted Rates for Troubleshooting Support
Need expert assistance on a fume hood problem?  As a Certified Tri-Color tester you will get a 25% discount off our published rates (Beta program only).


Commissions Paid for Training Courses You Promote to Your Customers
We are continuing to build out our training offering.  We will provide you with coupons that you can offer your customers as a discount for these courses. When your customer registers for a course, you will receive a commission.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Anytime in the first 3 months if you are not completely satisfied, return the equipment and we will refund your purchase price (a no risk guarantee). Get it all for just $6,995, plus applicable sales tax (Intro Program only).

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